My name is obviously Mike Pennington. Thanks for checking out my site. Ever since I can remember, I have loved pictures. All through my youth I took every opportunity to use a camera I could find. I had no idea what I was really doing but I knew I enjoyed it. In my teens, I decided I wanted to be a firefighter. I became a cadet on the fire department and when I would go to fires and help lug equipment for the firefighters, I had a camera in my pocket. Rarely did the pictures come out, but sometimes I would get lucky. I used to ask the department photographer questions all the time marveling at his camera gear. At 19, I joined the Army and routinely got in trouble when I would sneak my disc camera out of my pocket and take pictures during basic training (did a lot of push ups for that). When I was stationed in Okinawa the first purchase I made was a Pentax K1000 – my first SLR. Once I got started I had to learn every step there was from loading the camera to making the print. I have been off to the races ever since.  I still can’t get enough.

While I love the technical abilities the new equipment offers, I believe that whistles and bells don’t make a good photographer. I continue to strive to compose that great shot just as if I weren’t going to see it until the slides come back. I still love finding THAT photo in the group that makes it all worthwhile; seeing someone’s face when my photographs brings back a memory or a feeling, or their photographs make them feel good about themselves. Twenty six years after purchasing that Pentax SLR, I have seen my career change from twelve years in Law Enforcement to thirteen years in Information Technology. Finally, I am at a point in life were my passion can become my career. Because of that, one thing holds true…I still absolutely love Photography. It has been the one thing that has kept my interest for over 20 years.

Over those years I have learned that I like shooting people in their environment. Composing people in a way that tells a story about them. Putting someone in front of a canvas forest backdrop just isn’t my thing. I like a more editorial style and try to break away from the traditional background and posing table. I also enjoy shooting commercial subjects whether they are models for their portfolios, advertisements, products, or glamour.

So, Let’s make some images together. You won’t be disappointed!


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