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    Recently I’ve been experimenting with drugstore all day lip color….I am not one to use regular lipstick during the day – since I absolutely love the lip gloss or lip gloss with color feel and the taste is better anyway.  So I figured – Ok, I’m going to try some good color, and hopefully not have to worry about it all day…Well here are my two lessons with this experiment and I have to admit, for some reason I am still determined to find one that actually does what it says!

    Revlon ColorStay Overtime


    The lipstick and gloss is in ONE container which I definitely can get with.   The lipstick part goes on smooth and creamy, then after waiting one minute, you can put the gloss on with the brush that is on the other end of the container. I have to say the gloss is reeeallly creamy – which may be great for a photo shoot since it makes the color look extra smooth.  Though I think if it were on a  night out – your signifigant other may just be kissing gloss instead of you!

    My Own Experience:

    After a few hours at work…(after coffee, after talking, etc.) – I found that the gloss wore off, which is understandable – being the main concern is that the “color” remain.  Though, the color ended up ‘bunching’ up in the corner of my lips and left a faded dry remnant of color on my bottom lip. :(  Not at all what I expect from all day lip color. And that remnant of color isn’t as easy to remove with a tissue like regular lipstick is.  Though, I have to say the color itself was not all that drying to my lips which I can appreciate and the color did not transfer (very nice indeed).

    Alpha Kitty’s Overall Meow Rating: 2 Meows

    Covergirl Outlast All day lip color


    The product comes in two lipstick cases – one for the lipstick and one for the clear top coat.  Not my favorite thing to have to carry around two lip containers for one job.  After applying the lipstick and leaving on for one minute, you apply the clear chapstick-like top coat.

    My Own Experience:

    I have to say, the product did not even outlast my morning!!  The color felt very drying to my lips and the topcoat did not provide much moisture compensation – :(  After about 2 hours, the color was almost completely clumpy around my lips and this is not something I want to be walking around in smiling with globs of lipstick in the corners of my mouth (yes, I will exaggerate – globs I said).  It almost gave me that feeling of when you get mascara “globs” after a day’s wear – just annoying and gross.  Cross this one off the list.

    Alpha Kitty’s Meow Rating: 1 Meow

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