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     MaybellineI’ve recently tried Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Cream Blush and here’s my beauty take on it… 

    In an attempt to acheive long lasting cheek rosiness without having to touch up at my desk at work (so it at least looks like I am working)…I’ve bought Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Cream Blush a few days ago.  From being a straight powder blush girl most of my life, I figured I’d try it out. Whereas the life of my normal powder blush would slowly fade as did my patience throughout the day – the cream blush maintained the illusion that work didnt kill me by the end of the day and I looked as though there was still life in me yet 🙂


    After applying my foundation primer / liquid foundation, I applied the cream blush using a stippling brush and gently applied in small dabbing, then circluar motions – sweeping outward toward the ear a little.  I topped with translucent powder for a natural finish. 

    My Own Experience:

     For example today, I did not have enough time to touch up with powder, which usually leaves me looking slightly oily at the end of the day.   Though I noticed that I still had that rosy complextion.  Smile and blush girls…this is a great product!  I will try and sample more cream blush brands to see the qualities in other brands as well and let you know what I think soon (as well as getting my BF to shoot a photo of me with cream vs. powder blush application!)

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