Commercial, Travel, Corporate, and Work for Hire

  • Head shot Portraits
  • Products
  • Website Images
  • Events

Products delivered on Case by case basis. Please contact me for details

Daily rate $1000.

Work for Hire (Rate Negoitable)
Portfolio/Comp Card Session (3 hours, Unlimited Looks)…$500

  • Location or studio
  • Online proofing and shopping cart
  • Two Hi-res digital images from each look. Additional images $25
  • Watermarked web sized images for online portfolios
  • MUA Provided

Need a portfolio or images for you Book, Comp Cards, Website images? This is the package for you. The Simple fact is if you are serious about modeling, finding and hiring an experienced professional photographer is great decision. Sure there are guys out there who will shoot you for free from Model Mayhem (even me from time to time) but to make a great image you need a great team.; It takes a great photographer, model, stylist, and makeup artist to pull off the images you really want in your book. Do you think fashion Magazines send out a guy with a camera and a model alone for their newest ideas? Having someone who is getting paid to be concerned about your needs is what you want. We will shoot for 3 hours, unlimited looks, and I will provide you with a Make Up Artist if you do not have one you work with.
Head Shots (1 Hour)…$150

  • Location or studio
  • Online proofing and shopping cart
  • Two Hi-res digital images from each look.
  • Additional images $25
  • Watermarked web sized images for online portfolios

Portrait Sessions…$150

  • Location and large groups additional $25
  • Online proofing and shopping cart Any image 8×12 and larger includes a watermarked web image (for sites such as Facebook and Myspace)
  • Any image 16×20 and above will include a sheet of Wallets and a 5×7 gift print.

Be honest, how many 8x10s, 5x7s, wallets, etc. do you have in a box or an album that you never look at? Now I.ll be honest with you; I don.t want any of our images in the drawer in the family room. I want our images out for people to see and enjoy. I want you to frame our images and put them out there to brag about or make a book you leave on the coffee table for guests to enjoy. I want people to be envious that you have such a perfect image for your home, office, etc. So let.s go beyond the canvas background and posing stool. Let.s put together an idea that captures your personality or your message. I want to reach outside the traditional franchise picture package and make something you will hang on your wall and be proud of.
Senior Portraits $450

  • Three hours shooting
  • location or studio
  • Online proofing and shopping cart
  • Completely customized for the senior’s personality

Graduating High School is a big deal. It?s a transition to adult life. I want to make that special. My philosophy is, I would rather shoot a few select seniors in a special way rather than shoot a bunch the same way. Do you play sports? I will shoot you in action or in a commercial style with a sports theme. Do you play music? I will shoot your CD cover. If you are into Soccer, Chess, Horses, Cars, SciFi, whatever your interest is, we can create a concept that captures your spirit and personality. All seniors will sit with me before we ever take a picture and plan the concept for the sessions. I will approach the shoot like a commercial project and make sure we get what you want. I will even provide you with a Make Up Artist if needed. Have some grand ideas? Call me and we can discuss them. I?m sure we can make it happen

**Interested in being a spokesmodel for your school? Contact me for details

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